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You can set a minimum number of ready, provisioned desktops that remain available for users to connect to during the recompose operation.See Keeping Linked-Clone Desktops Provisioned and Ready During View Composer Operations.You can choose what cones from Archi CAD and what comes from Art Lantis, but the geometry comes from Archi CAD always.Another way is to Open with reference, but in this case you cannot choose what comes from where - everything comes from Art Lantis.To recompose linked-clone desktops, you update the parent virtual machine in v Center Server or select a different virtual machine to become the new parent.Next, you take a snapshot of the new parent virtual machine configuration.) HTH ~/archiben I have just finished an artlantis render file on an archicad model and now see that i must add a couple more components, Is there a way that i can make the changes in archicad and re-open it in the artlantis file with all the rendering settings intact?

Coming from a traditional 2D Auto CAD workflow, building up the project through an easily-revised master model has been both pleasant and (after learning the basics of the modeling workflow) pretty fast. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say I'm finding it lacking.

Before you can start a new recomposition immediately, you must cancel any previously scheduled task.

You can schedule multiple recompositions if they affect different linked clones.

(page 18 of the artllantis manual - see attached screenshot as i couldn't copy the text: the PDF is password protected) choose your original artlantis file as the reference from which it will take shaders, cameras, lighting, etc.

AFAIK this is only from version 4.0 of artlantis onwards(?

Another question, can the camera angles in artlantis be saved along with the light settings so that each time you hit on a preset view you dont have to readjust the lighting each time?