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14-Jul-2017 02:00

We will definitely be back once this new lease expires. I was at your location Friday night October 20, 2017.

Alain Hernandez was very professional he gave me a quote of ,333.00 for a new Tahoe 2017 in which I ask for a better price and he told me that was a final price ,333.00 as per Ernesto Rodriguez, Mr.

Rodriguez didn’t want to work with us for a better price just because it was Friday night and I guess he want it to leave early and not negotiable with us, he gave me a business card with a quote on the back, he mention if I find a better quote to call him and he will give me 0.00 off any deal if its compatible. Everyone from the salesman to the General Manager was attentive, courteous, kind, and made my experience a treat.3 hours for an oil change? Don't waste your time coming to this location for an oil change.

I went to Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland the price they gave me ,200.00 out the door. Rodriguez to tell him of the deal and his answer was stay with that deal there is nothing I can do for you. I had a bad experience with your Autonation Chevrolet Doral, I will make sure Dade County Credit Union is aware so they can find a better Dealer with customer service. Everyone from the salesman to the General Manager was attentive, courteous, kind, and made my experience a treat. Also, we are under warranty and they are stating we aren't so want to charge us. Had a car in for a used car inspection since I was buying online from Michigan.

Further, my service representative advised me the condenser on my truck went out and the cost was a shocking 00.

I agreed to the amount despite the fact that it cost more than my mortgage.

Was told that two codes came up - which I already knew - and I had to change a timing belt. From checking the many blogs on this car, the problem "may" be more than the timing belt but none of this was diagnosed? Will get a second esposo y yo fuimos a comprar un auto y no sabiamos si nuevo o usado ....

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Then I received an email with an offer for .96 on the oil change up to 5 qts of oil, mine takes 6 so I had to pay for the extra quart which I said ok no problem.After looking at the Jeeps which we went there to view, Mrs. We noticed the brakes were off, took it back to the dealer same week purchased.