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They may also be devoted to the subjects' occupational ability, for example teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, etc.Rating sites typically show a series of images (or other content) in random fashion, or chosen by computer algorithm, rather than allowing users to choose.Some require the submission as a condition of membership.Rating sites usually provide some features of social network services and online communities such as discussion forums messaging, and private,, and Another class allows users to rate short video or music clips.One variant, a "Darwinian poetry" site, allows users to compare two samples of entirely computer-generated poetry using a Condorcet method.

The notion of a "perfect ten" came into common usage as a result of this film. In 1990, one of the first computer-based photographic attractiveness rating studies was conducted. The individual and composite faces were then rated for attractiveness by 300 judges on a 5-point Likert scale (1 = very unattractive, 5 = very attractive).

Other looks-based rating sites include Rate My (an early site, launched in the Summer of 1999) and Name My Vote, which asks users to guess a person's political party based on their looks.

Some sites are devoted to rating the appearance of pets (e.g.

The 32-composite face was the most visually attractive of all the faces. In 1992, Perfect 10 magazine and video programming was launched by Xui, the original executive editor of Spin magazine, to feature only women who would rank 10 for attractiveness.

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Julie Kruis, a swimsuit model, was the original spokesmodel.Rating sites have a social feedback effect; many high school principals and administrators, for example, have begun to regularly monitor the status of their teaching staff via student controlled "rating sites".

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